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VII International Scientific Conference
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European Integration as a Catalyst for Development


20-22 June 2019

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General Information

“European Integration as a Catalyst for Development” will be the working topic of the VII International Scientific Conference “Space, Society, Politics”. 

European Integration is broadly understood as the process of social, economic, political, cultural and legal integration of the states in Europe that is primarily facilitated by the European Union. Besides the EU, there are number of regional organisations fostering further integration and cooperation among the European nations. It represents an important factor for development, especially in the countries of Eastern Partnership, notably Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. European Integration remains as the process playing vital role in the lives of European nations and peoples, both inside and outside the EU and far beyond. Thus, this conference aims at further encouraging academic investigation about European Integration and its role in socio-economic, political, cultural development of the European nations and its impact on human rights, social mobility, democratization, rule of law, economic prosperity, security and defense, etc. 

The conference ‘’Space, Society, Politics’’ will gather professors, scholars and PhD level students to discuss the European Integration as a Development Factor from the perspectives of Political Science and International Relations, Geography, Sociology, Media and Communication Studies, Anthropology, Regional and Area Studies, Gender Studies, Nationalism Studies, Social Psychology and other related Social Science disciplines.